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Kapil Sharma’s Zwigato is all set to grace our silver screens soon. The comedian-actor recently appeared on a leading chat show and opened up on his relationship with Amitabh Bachchan, revealing that he had to once meet him drunk.

It so happened that once, the octogenarian was coming over to lend his voice for one of Kapil’s movies, so it was obvious that the latter wanted to go and meet him. However, Kapil was suffering from anxiety at that point and could not calm himself without alcohol. He said at the show, “Bachchan sahab ne bola ki main subha aaraha hoon. Kyuki meri film ke voice over ke liye aarahe the toh mera farz banta hai ki main jaake unke welcome ke liye khada rahun. Main bahar nahi nikal pata tha ghar se, awastha waise thi toh mujhe laga 2 (drinks) le lete hai” (Bachchan sir said that he will come in the morning, but since I was unable to leave the house, I thought I will take a drink or two).

Kapil added that he really wanted to meet Amitabh Bachchan, come what may, so he did that and even touched his feet as a mark of respect. However the comedian was extremely apologetic about meeting him in such a state.
He added, “Sir, sorry mujhe aise aapke saamne nahi aana chhaiye tha. Fir unhone Hindi mein bada aacha message likha ki jeevan chunotiyon ka hi doohra naam hai. Toh aap uthke dobara khade hoiye.” (I said I am sorry, I should not have met you like this, but he told me that life is full of challenges, get back and stand on your feet)

Zwigato, directed by Nandita Das is the story of a middle class man, who loses his job during the pandemic and thus, starts working as a food delivery agent. His wife, played by Shahana too, tries her best to provide for the family as the two pull all stops to make ends meet. The movie will release in theatres on March 17.

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