‘We had no idea that Farzi is going to catapult into such a massive success’, say actors Bhuvan Arora, Zakir Hussain and Regina Cassandra – Exclusive! – Times of India

Ever since it started streaming earlier this month, Farzi, helmed by Raj & DK, who earlier gave us The Family Man has been trending on OTT – the slick thriller, (a space that the makers are far too adept at) is the story of local, street-smart artist Sunny (Shahid Kapoor), who in a bid to rake in quick moolah, decides to counterfeit currency notes. Joining him in this (in) famous endeavour is his childhood friend Firoz (Bhuvan Arora). As they keep inching closer to a life that they had only harbored in dreams, an eccentric, but upright Special Task Force officer Michael (Vijay Sethupathi) arm twists corrupt politician Gahlot (Zakir Hussain) into helping him set an anti-counterfeit team. Soon, Michael gets embroiled in a cat and mouse game with Sunny, even as his family, including estranged wife Rekha (Regina Cassandra) and son Vyom drift further apart from him. As the show keeps scoring on the popularity chart, we settle in for a tête-à-tête with Bhuvan Arora, Zakir Hussain and Regina Cassandra on what the show’s massive success means to them…

On the wave of love coming their way…

Zakir: It is extremely humbling, joyous and unbelievable. For me, even people who I have met only a couple of times have seen the show and are calling me to congratulate, it is very heartening.

Regina: So for me it was really interesting, because I am from the South and did not really tell anyone that I was working on this project. So, it was a pleasant surprise when my friends from the South randomly called and texted, raving about the show.

Bhuvan: Well, I am actually not an active Twitter user and came to know that the show has been trending high on the platform through others. And most importantly, when my mom, who usually prefers not to have an opinion about my work, gave me a thumbs up on the show, it is then I knew that we have a winner at hand.

Bhuvan, continuing with you, you play Sunny’s best friend and the chemistry between you two is as real as it gets. Was it an organic development or did you and Shahid get together before you started shooting?

Surprisingly, it was purely an organic development. We both are actors who do not take our crafts for granted. However, in this case, we did not have any time to prepare, since the first time I had to meet the team in January, I ended up missing my flight, leaving me stranded for hours, while the rest of the crew was in Goa. However, things eventually fell into place and thanks to Raj & DK’s vision, the characters were so well etched out that the transition was a smooth affair.

Regina, Raj & DK, along with writers Sita Menon and Suman Kumar are known to create strong women characters and while the main leads (in this case Shahid, Vijay etc) might get more screen time, the other characters are written with a lot of respect. Did you feel that with Rekha too?

Yes of course, since Rekha is one of the few people in Michael’s life that can call him out when he goes astray and can also put her foot down on a lot of his eccentricities. There is also an extremely plausible story woven into their separation and why it happened, which makes Rekha all the more believable, rooted and strong.

Zakir, the confrontation scenes between you and Vijay are hilarious. How did you strike up the right chemistry, considering you had no earlier material to fall back on?

The best aspect about Michael’s character is that a person from South is playing the role, so the broken Hindi, mannerisms and struggle to understand colloquial language is as real as it can get. This in a way made our jobs quite easy, since what you were seeing on TV was what was happening in real life.

Finally, there have been a lot of references from The Family Man in the show and with the appearance of Chellam Sir (who played a small but key role in The Family Man 2), the audience interest has piqued. Will there be a crossover show anytime soon?

Bhuvan: Well, the crossover has already happened with these references, Srikant Tiwari and Chellam Sir. Now, it is just a matter of time before we see something unveil on those lines.

Farzi is currently streaming on Prime Video.

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