Watch: A female fan kisses Virat Kohli’s wax statue at Madame Tussauds, internet calls it ‘cringey’ – Times of India

Crazy fan stories are not a new occurrence in the celeb world. While Bollywood celebs lead the pack when it comes to die-hard and freaky fans from all across the globe, cricketers are not too far behind either. Sportsmen, especially cricketers, with their lean frame and fab performance on the field quickly amass a huge following and fans are ready to go to any extent to catch a glimpse of their favourite star.

Recently, a video featuring a fan girl of cricketer Virat Kohli is going viral on the internet, but not for the right reasons. The video features the girl kissing Virat’s wax statue at Madame Tussauds and recording the whole thing on camera. Not only that, it is no peck on the cheek that the girl gives to the statue, rather she keeps on kissing it on the lips, much to the embarrassment of others visiting the museum.

As soon as the video went viral, the internet erupted in collectively slamming the girl, saying that this is nothing short of cringe. Many added that they can’t bring themselves to watch it. Some users also advised everyone to stay away from touching these wax statues, since they have been put together with a lot of effort and finesse and can quickly get ruined if people keep touching them.

While Virat is one of the most successful cricketers of his generation, on the personal front, he has been married to actor Anushka Sharma since 2017. The couple’s daughter Vamika was born in 2021.

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