The Lucky Ones! Celebs who attempted suicide and survived | The Times of India

Addressing the issue of depression, actor Bhaswar Chatterjee feels only those who have battled depression can realise the situation. “I have gone through this phase last year. Major part of 2019 was extremely painful for me, personally. I used to go for shoot, work the whole day, pull pranks on the sets (it was my only source of oxygen) and when I came back home it was all but darkness and loneliness. I used to sit in a dark room, didn’t have the urge to do anything or talk to anyone. But I had my work, wouldn’t have survived without it. Once I thought of jumping off 14th floor,” the actor revealed during an earlier interview. Speaking about how he battled depression, Bhaswar added: “I spent 9 months like this. I realised I can’t kill myself, I can’t let this happen to me. Consulted psychiatrist, said that I want to live again. I stood up once again leaving everything behind. I told myself we get to live once and I am not going to waste it.”

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