Sayantani Ghosh on husband Anugrah’s proposal, love story, getting married in late 30s, baby plans

February is the month of love and Sayantani Ghosh and husband Anugrah Tiwari have had a fairy tale of a romance, which the actress revisited during a recent conversation with Bollywood Bubble host Akash Bhatnagar. Sayantani Ghosh shared details about their first meeting in the gym, their decade long love story and the intimate wedding they had amidst the Covid pandemic in 2021. She also revealed their hilarious proposal story in which Anugrah gave her the ring and immediately took it back. Sayantani reflected on the changes she observed in her equation with Anugrah post marriage and how his treatment towards her family, especially during an operation her father had, strengthened their relationship. Sayantani Ghosh discussed how he supports her in her career, even after being camera shy, and the way they embrace each other’s diverse cultures. She also opened up on their first wedding anniversary celebration and if she faced judgement for getting married in her late 30s. She also revealed their plans of extending their family and you can watch the entire conversation here.

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