Pathaan director on Kabir’s absence from Shah Rukh Khan starrer: It’s too early to bring everyone together but…

Pathaan starring Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham is one of the instalments in the spy universe. The other films that are a part of this universe are Hrithik Roshan starrer War and Salman Khan starrer Tiger 3. In fact, in quite a few instances Hrithik’s character name Kabir was mentioned in Pathaan whereas Salman made a cameo as Tiger in the movie. As people were psyched to see a crossover of Pathaan and Tiger, fans wonder why there wasn’t any crossover of Kabir and Pathaan in the movie.

Siddharth on bringing Salman and SRK together:

Well, in an interview with Pinkvilla, Siddharth said that he wanted Salman Khan and Shah Rukh Khan together. He said, “We could have got Hrithik or any other actor on board too, but to have Salman and Shah Rukh in a film doing action has not happened before. I think the last time they were doing action together was in 1996 with Karan Arjun. Fortunately, Adi had the IP of Tiger to do this crossover and the result is fantastic.” 

Siddharth on no crossover of Kabir and Pathaan

When asked about Kabir’s involvement in Pathaan, he said, “Obviously, there was a thought back then, but since we just started amalgamating this universe, it’s too early to bring everyone together. There should be a little thirst of getting this combination, but of course, this crossover will happen.

On getting Tiger, Pathaan and Kabir together in one universe, the Bang Bang director said that the universe concept was prepared after the success of War. “With the story of Pathaan, we thought this could spin into one as we already have 3 spies with scope for many more,” he added.

Currently, Pathaan is doing phenomenal business at the box office as well as at the global markets. The movie has already entered the 300 crore club domestically whereas talking about the overseas market, the spy thriller collected Rs 667 crores.

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