Jasmin Bhasin & Aly Goni aka Jasly on 1st meeting, falling in love & marriage plans | Chemistry 101

Jasmin Bhasin and Aly Goni declared their love for each other on Bigg Boss 14 when Aly entered as a wild card contestant. Although they had known each other for longer than that, they could never realise the love they had for each other then. In their FIRST EVER interview on camera discussing their love story for Bollywood Bubble’s Chemistry 101 season 3, host Nayandeep Rakshit chats about their first meeting, first impression and how this whirlwind love story began. Jasly reveal that their first meeting had a lot of fun moments – Aly imitating Jasmin to their room keys getting exchanged and what ensued. Both of them have a rock solid sense of balance, a quality they have found in each other despite not realising their love in the beginning. Jasmin reveals she used to look for potential dates for good friend Aly and then eventually fell for him. They also share how their families reacted to the decision and how Aly anchored Jasmin through a period of her life’s lowest point. In the end, they also share their marriage plans. All that and more in this special episode. Watch.

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