Gandhi Godse – Ek Yudh SCOOP UPDATE: High Court orders Rajkumar Santoshi to pay up Rs 25 lakh – Times of India

Rajkumar Santoshi has been like a cat on a hot-tinned roof ever since Mumbai’s Dindoshi Court upheld that his upcoming film ‘Gandhi Godse- Ek Yudh’ cannot see the light of day unless and until he pays up Rs 50 lakh to YT Entertainment Ltd.
We at ETimes had broken the story FIRST and EXCLUSIVE: For those who’ve come in late, Santoshi was given a signing amount of Rs 50 lakh, courtesy YT Entertainment Ltd who had shelled out the said amount to Samee Siddique (producer of the 2008 Santoshi-directed ‘Halla Bol’). Post ‘Halla Bol’, Siddiqui wanted to make another film with Santoshi. But Santoshi could not put the film together.

Post that, there was a settlement agreement between the three parties in question and Santoshi had confirmed to them that he would return the money if and when he produced and directed a film. After that, Santoshi helmed ‘Phata Poster Nikla Hero’ but only as a director and not as a producer.
So, we heard that today, Santoshi moved the High Court and hired a top lawyer Virendra Tuljapurkar but failed. The High Court heard out the matter around 4 pm and ruled in YT Entertainment’s favour. Santoshi was asked to shell out 50 per cent of the said amount in 4 weeks time. Santoshi had to undertake an undertaking and only then, he was given permission to release his film.

This implies that Santoshi has to deposit Rs 25 lakh in the name of YT Entertainment in the next 28 days.

Below is the HC order, attached:

The HC also told Santoshi that the Summary Suit (dispute) will continue and the the City Civil Court will decide hereafter. ‘Gandhi Godse – Ek Yudh’ hits theatres on January 26.

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