EXCLUSIVE: When Waheeda Rehman and Raj Kapoor’s train was attacked by fans after Teesri Kasam shoot

Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman was recently a guest on Arbaaz Khan’s show The Invincibles. The actress was at her candid best as she opened up on her family, movies, co-stars, filmmakers and more. During the conversation, Waheeda Rehman also revealed all about a dangerous encounter with fans post the Teesri Kasam shoot. Also how they had to forcibly restrain an angry Raj Kapoor from stepping out as the fans went berserk.

A shocking incident with fans

Speaking about the incident Waheeda Rehman said, “We were shooting in a small town near Bhopal for Teesri Manzil when the dangerous encounter with fans took place. There were many colleges in that town. We were leaving by train post wrapping the shoot of the movie. Raj Kapoor and his friend were in one compartment. Me, my sister and my hairdresser were in another. The train started but stopped within a few minutes. We wondered what happened and looked out of the window and saw many students on the platform. One boy said we just want to see you once. They added that your production team gave us the wrong address that the shoot is taking place here or there and we are too tired of rushing here and there to catch a glimpse of you. Rajji went and met them, also shook hands with them but they soon added that they want to meet me too. But Raj Kapoor ji was quite adamant that no she will not step out. He was like it is not safe. This angered the boys and they started hurling stones and hitting the compartments with iron rods.

She further added, “This angered the boys and they started hurling stones and hitting the compartments with iron rods. Rajji’s friend pushed him into our compartment and told us to restrain him. Rajji was so infuriated by the acts of the students that he wanted to go out and confront the crowd. So the three of us — Sayeeda, my hairdresser and I — had to literally pin Rajji onto the seat. He became red as a tomato and we were worried that he might get a heart attack. We kept imploring him: ‘No, Rajji, no!’ Finally, his friend fired in the air and the students ran away in fright. When we reached Mumbai, we were in for a shock as the boys had destroyed the windows of the entire train.”

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