EXCLUSIVE: Waheeda Rehman recalls the time she left actor Sunil Dutt in a ‘state of shock’

Veteran actress Waheeda Rehman is the epitome of beauty and grace. Her versatility in the roles she has played and her flair for dancing left fans in awe. Waheedaji is one of the charismatic personalities of Indian cinema who created a niche for herself all due to her hard work and perseverance. She worked with many top actors and filmmakers of her time and went on to be a name to be reckoned with.

Waheeda Rehman on The Invincibles

In a recent episode of Arbaaz Khan’s The Invincibles, she revealed how actor, and filmmaker Sunil Dutt was once left shell-shocked on seeing her.

Waheed Rehman has worked with Sunil Dutt in a number of hit films like Mujhe Jeene Do, Reshma Aur Shera, Darpan and more. They were not only co-stars but good friends too. In the interview with Arbaaz Khan the yesteryear beauty recalled a cute incident.

Waheeda Rehman on Sunil Dutt

Speaking about the incident Waheeda Rehman said, Sunil Dutt was quite unwell post his padayatra and was admitted to the hospital. She said, ” I went to meet Sunil Dutt who was in the ICU and as per the rules only one person could go inside. So I went inside and wished him also asked about his health. But as he looked at me he was in a state of shock. So I asked him what happened. To which he said, ‘What have you done?’ I thought he was asking why I came in, so told him that I took permission and came. He said, ‘I am not talking about that I am speaking about your hair’. Why did you colour your hair white? I replied, ‘Sunil I have not coloured it white instead stopped colouring it black’ they are actually white.’

She also revealed an incident when they were shooting for Mujhe Jeena Do a film based on the life of a dacoit in the Chambal valley. She said, ” I love this film and Sunil Dutt made it joining real-life stories. We shot for it in the core area. We were the guests of BSF and lived in their tent while shooting for the film.”

One day, Nirupa Roy, me and Nargis Dutt were sitting outside and eating some guavas. Suddenly Sunil came and said, ‘Mrs Dutt, Waheedaji, Nirupaji come on get up fast and come with me’. A commander came and told us to go back to the camp and stay inside the tent till he comes to call us out. Till then do not step out. He further added that if you hear one bullet being fired then stand still, if you hear a second bullet being fired then hide under the bed’. It so happened that the BSF soldiers were on the lookout from the treetops. They saw some seven to eight dacoits were seen crossing the river and passing close to our camp. If they had turned towards our camp then our whole unit was there.” Waheedaji added.

Watch the entire interview with Waheeda Rehman here:

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