EXCLUSIVE: Vicky Jain on facing backlash post Ankita Lokhande’s interview on Sushant Singh Rajput: It was her duty to do it for his family

There was a time when Ankita Lokhande was highly criticised when she gave an interview after her ex-boyfriend Sushant Singh Rajput passed away on June 14, 2020. Not just Ankita, but even her then-boyfriend and now-husband Vicky Jain was also been dragged into the matter even though he didn’t sign up for that space you know the kind of hatred toxicity. Well, during an exclusive chat with Bollywood Bubble, Vicky Jain breaks his silence on the backlash post Ankita Lokhande’s interview on Sushant Singh Rajput.

Vicky Jain on his relationship with Ankita:

Ankita Lokhande husband Vicky told us, “I don’t know, I can say that I got that sense at that point of a time that what I should be doing and this is what I had committed for. In life what will happen someday some situation will come, you don’t know nobody knows about it but everybody goes through it and face it see. I’ve always believed that in life once you commit to anything, then you both are a team now. Whatever is happening to her, it’s just not her, I am also there. Whatever will happen, we both will face the music out of it and you know apart from all the practical aspects of it if you think about it apart from that.

You know what I have always respected about Ankita is that Ankita has always been very protective about her relationships. There was a time when whatever was happening, all the aspects of news were not covered and Ankita had a very important secured position in that particular incident. Not just being in a relationship, but as a human being, she had some responsibilities which she should have come forward and spoken about it and it was essential. I felt it as a human being. I’ve always been very straight in my life so there are some things called duties, and there are some called karma, I never mix both of them. I was dutiful at that point in time. I had to do it and I was so sure about it that this is the correct way because it was my duty as a person who has committed her to be in a relationship. You just don’t commit just for the heck of it. You say some things and you always remember that you have said that to somebody so it was more of duty rather than it was my decision,” Vicky further continued.

Vicky Jain on heavy criticism:

I feel that I should be doing that no. This is what supposed to do there’s a problem in the family and we all have to face it when we are not wrong in any way and we have always been through always been true she has always been true and correct in her own space so people who knew her always knew that she was correct and that’s why they were still there with her it’s okay they can be narrative. They are public figures people will get a chance to talk about them they enjoy like maybe the world is like some people are good some people are bad some must have had a bad day and they just wrote something about it, it doesn’t matter the point is that the only thing will survive is surviving is the relationship which we always cherish that this is the relationship you’re strong we’re strong we are not people who will run away from any crisis in the life, I have never learned that, ” the Pavitra Rishta actor’s husband concluded.

Ankita Lokhande got married to Vicky Jain on December 14, 2021.

Watch the interview:

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