EXCLUSIVE: Sharmila Tagore REVEALS what made her say ‘Yes’ to Gulmohar

Sharmila Tagore is one of the most popular and loved actresses in the Bollywood industry. After over a decade, Sharmila Tagore is set to return to films. The veteran actress will be seen in Gulmohar which also stars Manoj Bajpayee, Amol Palekar, Simran Rishi Bagga, and Suraj Sharma. Now, in an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble, Sharmila ji opened up about choosing Gulmohar as her comeback project.

Sharmila Tagore on doing Gulmohar

The veteran actress told us, “The first thing that attracted me to say yes or wanted me to say yes was the script. I didn’t write at the beginning, start finding equation with my life and consume. So, the script I just absolutely loved. And not just my but the whole thing because films are not just about one person. It’s spread out. Everyone of them has an equal role and in the making the film reflects what the script promised. It doesn’t deviate from that. In the making he’s not subtracted anything from anybody’s role. If anything, it’s enhanced their role. So, that way is struck to the script. So, that is what really attracted me.”

Furthermore, talking about the similarity between her and the character that she plays in Gulmohar, Sharmila ji said, “Yes, in a way, my experiences and the stage of my life and age of where I am. I have taken hard decisions and I have decision contrary to the social expectation and I realized there is no other way to, you cannot like say you’re a single person playing a tennis match and there are lots of other so if you take them all, live accounting to other people’s perspective then your perspective uh in any case you won’t be able to please anybody. So, you might as well do what you want to do.”

She added, “Hopefully not hurting anybody. But it is your right to express yourself the way you wish to and live the life that you want to so that you have minimum regrets. Regrets there always will be but you’ll have less regrets. You can’t say because of that person I didn’t do this. So, I think I’ve lived like that and I’ve found some resonance in Kusum.”

Directed by Rahul Chittella, Gulmohar will premiere on Disney+Hotstar on March 3.

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