EXCLUSIVE: Sayantani Ghosh reveals husband Anugrah Tiwari’s hilarious wedding proposal: ‘He gave me the ring and then took it back’

Actress Sayantani Ghosh is a well known name in the world of television. She has been seen in popuar shows like Kumkum – Ek Pyara Sa Bandhan, Mahabharat, Santoshi Maa,Naaginn and more. The actress tied the knot with her long time beau Anugrah Tiwari on December 5 2021 amidst the Covid pandemic. In a recent conversation with Bollywood Bubble the Naaginn star not only opened up on their first meeting but also shared a hilarious proposal story.

Jab Anugrah, Sayantani Met

Speaking about how it all started with Anugrah, Sayantani said, “We met in the gym okay so that’s how we met in the gym. We are very contrasting personalities. He is an introvert as introvert as one can get. I won’t say that see he’s anti-social but he’s very happy in his own company. He is one person perhaps I knew in my life who is just so happy, give him things to read or watch and he his home cooked food and his mom and with me he’s just very happy he doesn’t need anything. Like I tell him at some times that just go sit down under a tree as you’re like the next Saint or Guru. That’s our point of Fight half the time as I tell him pls have a little ambition in life. But he’s very happy and contained.”

Sayantani further added, “I am not saying I’m overly ambitious but yeah I also have my whatever some amount of ambition so we are very different people but we also have a very uh big point of commonality and that’s the love for the family you know we are very very family people. When I say family I’m sure everybody loves their family but all our decision our action it’s always made with our family. So I think that was one common point of connect we had and fitness was another point. We eventually became very good friends like best friends and and then after some time you realize that okay the lines are kind of blurred we didn’t even know when it transitioned from being a best friend to the relationship phase.

Sayantani Ghosh, Anugrah Tiwari relationship

On who made the first move the Naaginn actress reveals, “I don’t think anybody made a first move because we both knew that it’s gone. But the first move in terms of even starting a communication was me because he doesn’t talk in much. I only started you know whatever that sense that I like him and all that all started from my messages. But like I said we were friends first so there is no particular date as such. Nobody proposed proposed to each other but in terms of having even to start having a friendship and all that first move was made by me. I started talking to him where he got that feeling that okay she likes me and stuff like that okay. We both knew that the next step is marriag and had discussed the same a year back.

The unique proposal

Of course he proposed in the sense I always wanted my man to go down his knees and propose to me and all. So I remember I was shooting for and as luck would have it I was also getting married on screen then and happening off skin and I was juggling between the two. One day I came back my brother and my sister-in-law over sitting here and i too sat down on the sofa extremely tired. Here only he went down on his knees and he gave me this ring. But then he removed it and said, that this ceremony will take place in Kolkata in front of everyone.But as you wished me to go down on my knees and propose so I have done it here. It’s cutest things he’s done“, Sayantani on Anugrah’s proposal.

Watch the entire conversation with Sayantani Ghosh here:

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