EXCLUSIVE: Priyanka Chahar Choudhary on whether MC Stan deserved to win: I felt if he is disinterested why is he on the show?

The season of Bigg Boss 16 has concluded and it has left many in a state of shock. The reason is that the most popular contestant Priyanka Chahar who many thought would win the trophy this year lost to MC Stan. The rapper went on to lift the trophy, while Priyanka became the second runner-up.

In an exclusive interview with Bollywood Bubble host Nayandeep Rakshit, Priyanka opened up on losing out to MC Stan and also if she felt that he deserved the win.

Priyanka Chahar if MC Stan deserved the win

Priyanka opened up on if Stan deserved the trophy, she said, ” I think, even I too earlier felt that why is he on the show if he is not interested. I was exactly like this but later realised that this is MC, he is like this, if he is not interested he will not show fake interest. So in the end Bigg Boss is all about personality. How real you are, how right you are. Stan has always shown that he is not interested and has been real and the audience too connected with him for this reason. But speaking about deserving, I will say that even though he never showed any interest he has always been too real till the end. As it is a personality game then I think it is right that he won.

On being asked if she felt disheartened to lose the Bigg Boss 16 trophy to MC Stan. Priyanka said, “I think no not at all. In fact, the same question was asked by many others but no, not at all I think that whatever I am getting is enough. People do not get this much too. So I am really grateful that having reached this place is a big thing for me. I am a simple girl who has never dreamt big and God is giving me so much I am so happy. Trust me I never felt bad about not winning. But, yes, the viewers have showered me with so much love.

Priyanka Chahar will soon be seen as the new Naagin in Ekta Kapoor’s popular show. So the future is quite bright for the actress.

Watch the entire conversation with Priyanka Chahar here:

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