EXCLUSIVE: Helen recalls Salim Khan was told she treats everyone like ‘furniture’- WATCH

Helen is one of the most loved stars in the industry. She married actor-turned-screenwriter Salim Khan in 1980. The yesteryear dancing diva of Bollywood recently sat down with Salim Khan’s son, actor-producer Arbaaz Khan and opened up about her marriage with Salim, Salma Khan, initial career days, and more.

Helen makes shocking revelation

In the third episode of Arbaaz Khan’s chat show, The Invincibles, Helen revealed that she had not noticed Salim Khan when they worked together on their first film. She also said that Salim was told she treats people like ‘furniture’.

Arbaaz Khan asked the veteran star if she noticed his father during the filming of their first movie or was she too ‘big a star’ to notice him. Reacting to this, Helen said, “I didn’t, not because of being a star, but because I was very to myself. One day, he asked Ajit saab ‘yeh madam kisi ko dekhte bhi nahi, wish bhi nahi karte (this madam does not look at anyone or even wishes anyone on set)’ So he said ‘pucho mat, yeh sab logo ko furniture ke jaise dikhti hain (don’t ask, she looks at everyone like they are furniture) (laughs)

Helen married Salim Khan when he was already married to Salma Khan, and had kids Salman, Arbaaz, Sohail, and Alvira. During the conversation, Helen admitted that when her relationship with Salim began, his first wife Salma had a ‘tough time’.

Helen on Salim Khan

The veteran star said, “Knowing your father, everyone knows him, he is a generous, just fair and very compassionate person. In those days he must have heard of me going through a lot of court cases and all that because of that he gave me a role in Imaandaar, then Dostana, Don and then we became friends. I used to come over, mommy (Salma) was very nice and then things have been tough even at that point and for mom. I never ever wanted a separation from the family.”

She added, “I would never have stayed on I couldn’t take that and of course, a lot of credit goes to mom. She must have gone through a lot at that time, I’m 100% sure of it but again I think destiny brought me close to all of you and I must thank all of you.”

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