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Actor Arjun Kapoor has carved his niche in the Hindi film industry by delivering some stellar performances over the years. The actor has showcased his acting prowess and won the hearts of many. In his long career, Arjun has experimented with the characters he has played onscreen and given his audience something new, always.

We sat down with the Kuttey actor recently for a candid chat. In an exclusive interview with us, Arjun Kapoor recalled how he was once told he doesn’t look like an action hero. He opened up about how he changed the perception people developed about him with his performance and by working hard on himself.

Arjun Kapoor recalls he was told ‘you don’t look like an action hero’

Arjun told Bollywood Bubble, “I did Ki & Ka when people said ‘Arey tum toh action hero ho, tum khana pakaoge gharpe toh kaun dekhega tumko?(Aare you are an action hero, if you cook food at home, who will watch you?)’

The Kuttey actor added, “I wanted to do it because I went on an emotion. I wanted to do a film like that, so I did it. People said tum romantic hero nahi ho (People said you are not a romantic hero), I did 2 States.

Kapoor continued, “Then they said ‘Arey tum action nai kar paoge. Ab tumne itni romantic picturein karli’ (Then they said ‘Arey, you will not be able to do action. Now you’ve done so many romantic movies). Then, I did Villian. After that, they said you don’t look like an action hero anymore so I turned myself around physically.

During the interview, Arjun also said, “I don’t function like that. Main hoon alag. I’m very very unique and different. I’ve been accepted by the audiences for that. And, I don’t want to embrace this culture of tom-toming, of trying to be conventional, of trying to Chase an image or being slotted in a certain way.

Take a look at the full conversation below:

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