EXCLUSIVE: Anupam Kher quips, ‘We need to work on our body, youngsters on their acting’ as he talks about ageism in Bollywood

Actors Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta are the finest actors in Bollywood. The two recently released their slice-of-life film, Shiv Shashtri Balboa where they were seen as leads. Speaking about headlining the movie, the two feel that it is quite difficult to get good roles after a certain age. People only restrict them to the role of father or mother; however, they feel that they also work a lot on their bodies to look fit and fine for the roles. Amidst a fun conversation, Anupam joked how youngsters need to work on their acting while they need to do the same on their bodies.

Anupam Kher on bagging roles like Shiv Shashtri:

During an exclusive conversation with Bollywood Bubble, Anupam Kher and Neena Gupta were asked about their feeling on the refreshing change of being the protagonist in a film that is hardly been seen in Bollywood nowadays. Anupam said, “It is a story about a certain age group which were not been made earlier. The actors used to play the roles of fathers and mothers and they thought they can do that only. Now, people are coming up like Ajayan came up with this story and I was very impressed with the story of how an aged man went to live with his son after retirement and how he meets a woman in America. And to write with this sensibility where there is a humour and you’re tearing up and there’s a slice of life. So, I think we are fortunate that we are at a time where the audience understands the cinema and applauds it. And I hope that people make this a box office hit also.

Neena Gupta talks about ageism in Bollywood:

Neena Gupta then adds, “We have worked on our bodies so much. How much ever it is possible, we try to keep ourselves fit. We don’t have big bellies, we can look respectable. I learn so much from the young actors as they do a lot of work on their bodies, we should treat our bodies like weapons. I think we are getting the work as people are liking to see us onscreen and this is also important.” Anupam Kher agrees and then quips, “We need to work on our body and youngsters should work on their acting.” 

Neena further says, “A lot of effort needs to be put in. I work the entire night but I don’t eat Jalebi and puri aloo the next morning despite my cravings, I control it. This is also a lot of effort, I mean look at the youngsters, how they keep themselves maintained.

Watch the interview here:

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