ETimes Troll Slayer: Criticising Swara Bhasker for her interfaith marriage shows the dark side of social media – Times of India

Swara Bhasker recently announced to the world that she has got hitched to the man of her dreams. The actress revealed that she had a registered court marriage with political activist Fahad Ahmad. Since the two belong to different religions, they got married under the Special Marriage Act, 1954.

Amid all the love that the actress has been receiving, trolls targeted her with the most detestable comments, linking Swara and Fahad’s interfaith marriage to that of Aftab Poonawalla, who is accused of killing his live-in partner Shraddha Walkar. ETimes strongly condemns such negativity, Swara and Fahad should be showered with love and not hate.

Take a look at some of the jibes Swara faced and our response to the same:

“Dahej me fridge aur suitcase le jana, khudke liye kaam aayega…aur haa mixer bhi leti jana”

If you can’t be happy for someone atleast don’t make such hateful conjecture. While the nation is shaken by shocking murder cases, don’t make it a religious issue and cite it as an example for newlyweds. And it is shocking to see people liking such hateful comment, too.

“What’s your new name after conversion?”


Instead of mocking her interfaith marriage, why don’t you laud her move of embracing love beyond religious boundaries. And if she has to announce a new name, Swara will proudly do so, without any prompts from trolls like yourself.

“Bhaiya se saiyaa”


Allow us to bring to your notice that by the time Swara tweeted calling Fahad her ‘brother’, the couple had already submitted papers to register their court marriage. So this post by the actress was more in jest, hinting their union and is not to be taken in the literal sense! Instead of trying to ridicule her, try to decipher her message.

“Swara becomes Suhana begum officially now. I think she had converted long back and hence the Hindu hate. We will see in the coming years how progressive she will be!!”


Whatever be her political inclination, it shouldn’t be used to troll someone. What you see as ‘Hindu hate’, could be her point of view, which everyone should respect. If you really want to sound progressive, then do some reading on secularism.

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