Dhruva Sarja: I don’t want to compete with my colleagues Sudeep, Yash and Rishabh Shetty, I compete with myself – Times of India

The action prince of Kannada Dhruva Sarja is finally ready with Martin, which is a larger-than-life action film. The teaser of the movie was released with much fanfare in Bangalore. At the event, Dhruva was asked about the competition in the Kannada industry, and his views on the three superstars Sudeep, Rocking Star Yash and Rishabh Shetty. His answer was greeted with applause as Dhruva said, “They are my friends and I do not want to compete with my friends. All of them are my colleagues and I don’t want to compete with them but only myself.”
He was then asked to pick his favourite genre, between action and romance, to which, Dhruva said, “I don’t do much romance. I want my fans to watch my films with their kids so you will not see a lot of romance in my films. Honestly, doing action is difficult for me, but I love to do it.”

With so many South films being remade in Hindi Dhruva was asked about which Bollywood actor he would prefer to see, reprise his role in a Hindi remake. The Kannada star said, “I have worked with Sanju Baba in KD (Dhruva’s upcoming film) he is my favourite, that is all!”
Martin will see two international heavyweights squaring off against Dhruva in the film. Speaking about them Dhruva said, “One guy is called Neckzila and he has the longest neck and the other one is my favourite Nathan Jones. He is a former UFC champion. I was not aware that I had to perform with them. I was asked to put on weight and I wanted to match their heft to look like a beast. On a serious note, working with them was very difficult. They gave me a couple of hits which were so bad, I had to request them and remind them the fight was not real and we are only acting.”

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