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In her boldest, volatile video interview, Anu Aggarwal drops her guard and gets candid like never before EXCLUSIVE on ETimes. Anu reveals that she had a steady boyfriend for a very long time- and then something happened. Post that, she did fall in love again a few times but…

So what happened? Find out! This interview also captures the fact that tall height came in the way of getting her films; many heroes weren’t tall enough like her. See this video interview of Anu Agarwal below right away by clicking below:

Excerpts from the conversation:

You have often said that you never felt that you belonged to showbiz and stardom. Why?

I was put off by the way that the women were depicted in Hindi movies, way back in the 90s. They were not powerful characters. Look pretty, do 3 songs, do a tear-jerker scene in the end, bas.

I had worked with an NGO and they had taught us how the media is doing no good to women. Like we were shown ‘Devdas’ and I saw how Devdas beats up a woman when she refuses to marry him. That was one of the reasons why I was reluctant to do ‘Aashiqui’ at first. But later when I heard that I would be playing an orphan who wants to make it on her own, I said I’ll do it.

You were a supermodel. Was it tough to juggle modelling and acting both?

In fact, I didn’t have to juggle at all. Everything fell in place, perfectly. I was modelling not only in India but abroad as well. Anu became a brand. However, I realised that we were far behind in the Indian movie scenario when compared to international movies.

You capitalised on your fame then quite well and charged a ridiculously high amount for a Tata ad…

You are a very tall person. Did your height come in the way of your casting? Many heroes weren’t tall when you broke into Bollywood…

Yes, it did. I am too tall. Today, often tall girls are cast. It has changed.

You are right. But I wouldn’t have done most of those movies as I didn’t want to do any run-of-the-mill stuff. I played an underworld queen in Mani Ratnam’s ‘Thiruda Thiruda’, Fenny in Rakesh Roshan’s ‘King Uncle’. I wanted only good stuff. And how can I forget ‘Khal-Naaikaa’?

We know that you had a serious accident and the rehabilitation changed you a lot as a person. But tell us the real story of why you went on to become a monk? You became a monk, right? Was it due to a bad relationship that you had?

And yoga proved to be therapeutic to you to come out from your misery?

You never fell in love with anyone after you broke up with your first boyfriend? Never felt like getting married?

I did, but my first relationship opened my eyes after it failed. It taught me that I needed to find love within myself and not look for love from outside.

I was open to marriage but I had taken off on a self-development trip. I see marriages happening and I wish everyone the best. Mera nahin hua, theek hai.

If I am not wrong, you are saying that you loved your first boyfriend more than you loved yourself…

Yes, you got it.

A lot of your screen footage was chopped off in a recent ‘Indian Idol’ episode…

I don’t see shows. I don’t visit shows. I went for my love of ‘Aashiqui’. They said they would be celebrating ‘Aashiqui’. I recall motivating a very nice 9th standard girl in the show. I was so happy that the inspirational part would be on air. Even that was not there.

Didn’t you feel like calling up Sony (broadcaster of ‘Indian Idol’) and asking why they did that?

If Sony calls you again for a show as a guest, will you go?

I will ask they if they would cut me again (laughs). I don’t hold grievances against people and I don’t know when they’ll call me again. But, I’ll be careful for sure.

Have you kept in touch with your first on-screen hero, Rahul Roy?

Yes, we have been in touch off and on.

He underwent a very tough time on his health front…

Yes, but who has an easy life? Everyone’s life has problems and challenges.

How is it on your financial front?

If it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t have been able to smile. Whether it has come through my hard work, inheritance or good investments, I am fine. I wish good for everyone and trust me it works out on one’s ownself if he/she does it.

Let’s go back to the depiction of women in Hindi movies, something that we started this interview with. What is your take on the manner in which they’re depicted today?

It’s far better and the advent of OTT has been instrumental too. Actually, it’s a great time for ladies in the acting fraternity.

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