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Choreographer and Presenter Andy Kumar is excited for his new project! His film, Little English, has been doing the rounds at film festivals.

Andy says, “It’s a feature film and has got a great heart. The story is beautiful and is about a Punjabi girl who gets married into a family in the UK and how she finds her freedom. It is going to have a British release and is supported by the BFI.

“It will be released on March 17 this year. I play a very intriguing role that’s out of the box, while I am also doing the costume and production design,” he says.
Andy has made quite a name for himself in the choreography industry. He has also choreographed for many music videos and Bollywood films. You would surprised to know that he has super hit songs like Kaliyon ka Chaman and Kya Ma to his credit. “Not many know I’m a trained dancer, starting my choreography journey in the London Theatre scene, I work in at least one theatre production a year and work as a core creative at The Rifco Theatre Company headed by MBE Pravesh Kumar. We are now working on a Musical based on Bollywood!”

Originally from the UK, Andy lived in Mumbai for 17 years. Back post Covid, he is creating waves by introducing new concepts and ideas to the bubbling OTT world. He is keen to create and be apart of some interesting work. Talking about the same, he says, “What brought me back to India was that now I would like to produce and create new and diverse shows. I have been developing concepts and I think that I own the dating space. I want to bring Dare To Date in a new version and it would be a great way to reconnect. I am here to pitch to OTTs”, he signs off.

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