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Fans are beyond excited for Shah Rukh Khan starrer Pathaan which is releasing tomorrow (25th January) in theatres. Shah Rukh Khan, Deepika Padukone and John Abraham starrer Pathaan is packed with action. Ahead of Pathaan’s release, Katrina Kaif took to her Instagram and requested people to not give out any spoilers.

Katrina urges people to not give Pathaan’s spoilers

Katrina shared her picture as Zoya from Salman Khan co-starrer Tiger franchise and wrote, “My friend Pathaan is on a dangerous mission. It is very important in the interest of national security that you don’t reveal anything about this. You are all part of this classified mission now. Zoya.”

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Katrina Kaif urges people to not give Pathaan’s spoilers

For the uninitiated, Salman Khan has a cameo in Pathaan. During an Instagram live session, Shah Rukh Khan had confirmed Salman’s cameo as a RAW agent Tiger in Pathaan. During the session, when a fan asked King Khan about his experience of working with Salman, he said, “With Salman Khan, there is no working experience. There’s always a love experience, happy experience, friendly experience, and brotherly experience. It’s amazing whenever I work with him.”

King Khan added, “We haven’t done a full-fledged film together apart from Karan Arjun, which also was not full-fledged as we were not together in it for too long. So, we get to work four-five days in a year sometimes. Last two years have been fantastic as I got to be in one of his films. I had a couple of days role with Kabir Khan. And he came in Zero and did a song with me. Now, in Pathaan, I don’t known if this a secret but inshallah, I will try to be Tiger 3 also. So, it is great fun working with him.”

The Siddharth Anand directorial Pathaan is slated to release on 25th January in Hindi, Tamil and Telugu.

Watch Pathaan trailer below:

Talking about Tiger 3, Salman and Katrina Kaif starrer will be released during Diwali this year. For the unversed, Shah Rukh Khan has a cameo in the film.

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